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Goin' my way?
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A Doctor/Rose Shipper community
Welcome to goin_my_way, a discussion and creative community for the romantic relationship between the Doctor and Rose.

We have simple rules around here.

1) Any posts *must* relate to the Doctor and Rose and the romantic love between them.

goin_my_way focuses on the romantic relationship between the Doctor and Rose exclusively. The Doctor and Rose have each loved many people in their lives, but they have a special, unique love for each other. Any incarnation of the Doctor is permitted; please indicate or label your posts to explain which Doctor you're talking about.

We believe that the Doctor loves Rose and she loves him back. Don't agree? This community is probably not for you; there are many Doctor Who communities out there that you might be interested in joining instead.

Discussion involving other characters, plots, or themes is welcome, but it must also be linked to both the Doctor and Rose and their relationship. So, for example, you could make a post talking about when Jackie realized her daughter was in love with an alien, but a post about Jackie that didn't mention their relationship would be off-topic.

While we all love Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Billie Piper, this is not a general community for the actors. Fiction not directly related to the couple of the Doctor and Rose is not permitted. Crossovers featuring the actors' other works (Blackpool, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Heroes, etc.) are permitted, though, as long as they feature a Doctor/Rose relationship.

2) Bashing will not be tolerated.

What do we mean by bashing? We mean any statements that are designed to insult, humiliate, or belittle another. This covers both characters and their fans.

This is not bashing:
"Rose's issues with her father caused a lot of problems over the course of S1 and S2."

This is bashing:
"Rose was a whiny chav with daddy issues and she needed to grow up."

In discussion, it can be hard to find a way to disagree with another person's point of view. Here's a good way to do it:
"That's an interesting point you raise about the Doctor's feelings about Rose in s3. What examples do you have that say the Doctor should have moved on?"

This is a bad way to disagree:
"The Doctor needed to just move on, and you're an idiot for thinking anything else."

We encourage discussion and debate. Disagreement is healthy for discussion. Derogatory harassment is not. We have a zero-tolerance bashing policy; bashing another fan will earn the same punishment as bashing a character. Any bashing will be grounds for removal of the offensive content and/or banning the offender.

3) We will act against inappropriate behavior by addressing the poster or commenter, not the post.

We will not tolerate inappropriate behavior in posts or comments. Each infraction will be dealt with on a one to one basis. If a problem comes up in the comments, then that's where it will be dealt with.

If inflammatory comments are made in a thread, those comments will be screened and a mod will contact the individual. If the original post is cause for concern, we will freeze any discussion on the post and contact the original poster.

4) No topic is too silly or too serious.

Feel free to squee as much as you like here. We love squee.

Feel free to be serious and thoughtful. We love thoughtful, too.

As the poster, you have the right to determine whether you want your post to be open to anyone, or locked to just the members of this community. Only members may make comments to posts.

Posts containing links to YouTube or other media content MUST BE LOCKED.

General Community Guidelines

1) Please tag your posts. A tags list is available here.

2) Please use an LJ-cut when posting fanfiction, icons or graphics, or lengthy meta. Up to four teaser icons or thumbnails of larger graphics may be posted above the cut. If a multi-fandom post, please make sure the graphics relate to this community.

3) If your posts contains spoilers, please mark it as such. If it hasn't aired yet in the UK, it's a spoiler. Related news, such as casting and locations, should be treated as a spoiler as much as possible.

4) Any questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed to the mods of the community, either through Dear Moddy or via email.


Want to affiliate with us? Drop us a line at Dear Moddy or via email

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